7 Drink Station Ideas For Your Next Event

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7 Drink Station Ideas For Your Next Event

Spice up your event with these fun drink station ideas! Engaging activities and interesting concoctions can lift your party, celebration or function to the next level, wowing your guests and giving them an experience to remember. We’ve put together this list of ways you can add cocktails to the mix when planning your next event.

1. the Bloody Mary Bar

Provide the perfect welcome with a Bloody Mary! If your guests are a little slow off the mark, this might be just what they need to get them going. You can even spark their creativity with the option to customise their own cocktails, including fresh ingredients to tickle the imagination. Opt for tequila-based Bloody Marias for something different, or offer a virgin mix for those who prefer alcohol-free drinks.

2. Cocktails on Tap

When lunch swings around, liven up the party with beverage dispensers offering pre-mixed cocktails. This allows your guests to pick and choose whatever they want – and however much they want – when they feel like it. This fun drink station also gives them the opportunity to sample new flavours, or simply enjoy one of their old favourites in a new, exciting way.

3. Engaging Presentations

Drinks can spark a conversation even before they reach your palate. Take advantage of presentation with fun and lively demonstrations from your bartender. If your event is scheduled for summer, you could add snow cones to the mix and have your bartender shave ice and stage pour-overs with delicious, colourful syrups or liquors. Or why not add spiked ice blocks or cubes? You’ll definitely leave your guests impressed and wanting more.

4. Seasonal Flavours

Harness your creativity when you choose season-inspired cocktails. For an autumn celebration, boozy hot chocolate or spiked apple cider could be the perfect addition to your event. In winter, consider warming cocktails that will delight your guests from top to toe. Spring’s the best time to bust out on-trend tastes, and in summer, consider going al fresco or offering seasonal cocktails with the best fruits and vegetables available.

5. Mini Drinks and Food

Who doesn’t love something little? Pairing a small, tasty treat with a mini cocktail can be all your wedding reception, lunch station, or meeting needs to give it that extra edge. The combinations are key – you could try a mini taco or burrito with a tangy margarita, or a slider with mini shots of craft beer.

6. Tell a Story

Create an atmosphere at your themed party or reception with storytelling cocktails. You might choose a single cocktail that goes with the theme, or a drink that you’ve invented that means something to you. Having a backstory to your beverages can offer a fantastic talking point that will liven up the party.

7. DIY Cocktails

Add to the fun by turning your guests into rookie bartenders! Set up a DIY station complete with the supplies and recipes needed to make a few different cocktails.

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