Corporate Event Drink Ideas

Cocktail With Pineapple And Lime

Corporate Event Drink Ideas

Corporate events are a fantastic opportunity to make vital connections within your business and beyond, so it’s important to get them right, whether they are a celebration of a product launch or a new partnership. As with any event, drinks are a vital aspect of this as they do a lot towards setting the atmosphere, making sure everyone is refreshed and providing a talking point. But with so many choices out there, how do you pick the best drinks to supply? If you are feeling stuck, read on to find out some of our favourite corporate event drink ideas.

Cocktail/Mocktail Bar

For a true party atmosphere, there’s no better choice than a cocktail bar. Let your guests choose their own favourite cocktail and they will love watching it get made by an expert bartender. Cocktails look and taste fabulous, giving a constant talking point and making the corporate event feel high-end. And of course, cocktails are guaranteed to loosen everybody up for a good time. But, one of the other fantastic benefits to a cocktail bar is that they are well equipped for non-alcoholic options, too, with mocktails that taste just as good as the alcoholic versions and make everyone feel included.

You could also organise a cocktail-making workshop to get everyone mixing their favourite drinks for a fun group activity to break the ice.

Smoothie Station

If your corporate event doesn’t feel well suited towards alcoholic drinks and you want a healthier option, a smoothie or juice station could be a fantastic idea. Your guests will love getting to choose their favourite juices and have them combined in front of them, making a deliciously refreshing smoothie. This can go a long way in proving that you champion employee well-being while offering a unique and memorable experience.

You may choose a set menu or let guests choose their own combinations for a truly one-of-a-kind drinks experience. For more information, check out our juice and smoothie bar page.


Of course, one of the most popular options for any corporate event is a champagne or wine service. This gives any event a classy feel. There are options to suit most tastes if you’re able to offer red, white and rosé, and especially if you can splash out to have a few choices of each. Champagne can especially give the impression that no expenses have been spared for the event, making it feel prestigious and important. You may wish to offer one complimentary glass for everyone at the beginning of the session to set the ball rolling for conversation and celebration.


Of course, wine and cocktails aren’t to everyone’s taste, so if you are looking to provide plenty of alcoholic options, beer or lager should be on the menu. You may stock one specific brand or have a few options depending on the size of the function. This is ideal for ensuring everyone is catered for and as a backup, in case the wine runs low – or you may just provide beer on its own if you prefer. Beer can be a perfect fit for outdoor functions in the sun, such as a company sports day or team building day, offering a refreshing and light drink to loosen everyone up.

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